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The Lost City of the Wolves, Told With Pen and Pencil

The Lost City of the Wolves, Told with Pen and Pencil is an audiovisual work created by Théâtre de l’Œil, a puppet theatre company for young audiences. The Lost City of the Wolves is a Théâtre de l’Œil production that premiered in 2005. With the objective of exploring the digital world, the company chose to create an audiovisual adaptation that could be watched for free at home or at school.

This unique 35-minute work invites schoolchildren grades one through six to question how they relate to courage, family, and perseverance, while appealing to their curiosity and their resourcefulness. To complement the viewing of The Lost City of the Wolves, Told with Pen and Pencil, spectators will have access to the work’s making-of video and to a selection of amusing and creative community outreach activities, including a study guide and two puppet making videos.



  • The Lost City of the Wolves is a complete, turnkey activity that is both simple and easy to organize in the classroom.
  • When you watch The Lost City of the Wolves, you are supporting children in their exploration of the world of puppetry.
  • It’s a playful, artistic, and creative activity.
  • It’s a digital work that covers some of the subjects included in the school curriculum: French, history, and social sciences.
  • It’s a unique and original concept created by Théâtre de l’Œil that will allow you to develop and maintain the connection between presenters and schools in your region.

To mark our 50th anniversary, we’re delighted to offer our viewers the chance to watch The Lost City of the Wolves, Told with Pen and Pencil free of charge, in the comfort of their own homes or organizations.

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Cultural Mediation

Learn more about puppetry: from conception to manipulation!

At Théâtre de l’Œil, we know how important it is to go deeper in introducing children to puppet theater, while keeping it fun. That’s why we’ve decided to reintroduce the turnkey Secrets de castelet workshop.

This activity is a fun way to learn about the different types of puppets and how they can be manipulated! In the classroom or virtually, children will have the opportunity to observe puppets up close. Throughout the season, depending on the availability of our puppeteer-mediators, the workshop can be offered to schools in your area, in the classroom or even virtually.

The concept

✦ An experienced puppeteer from Théâtre de l’Œil
✦ A presentation of different varieties of puppets, from the company’s collection
✦ An apprenticeship in the secrets of puppet manipulation
✦ A privileged exchange with the artist

Contact Vikram, our Market Development Manager, to find out more!