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Blue Marco

Larry Tremblay
5 years and up
55 min.


Marco’s life has been turned upside down with the arrival of his baby sister. His mom is so tired, and his father is overwhelmed…

Marco and his friend Gina invent whimsical stories, just for fun. Stories about an alien from a strange planet where children don’t have to go to school, where there are only two days in a week, and where life just seems to be so much more exciting than it is down here on Earth!

Then, one night, an entirely blue alien appears in Marco’s room and takes the little boy to his fantastical world. When the boy returns from this adventure, he understands that life on Earth can be extraordinary… even with a baby sister!

Blue Marco encourages children to think philosophically about life and to imagine ways they could live their own life differently. The show is also an expression of how imagination can help us face new challenges/the inevitable challenges we will face in life.”



Making of


Marco is a seven-and-a-half-and-a-bit year old with a playful and sensitive outlook on the world around him.
Gina is Marco’s best friend. She often tells stories, and sometimes lies a little.
Marco Bleu
He is an alien. He looks just like Marco, except he’s blue. He lives on another planet where there are only two days: Saturday and Sunday.
He is Marco’s dad, always very busy with Maria-Helena because mom is very tired.
She is Marco’s mom, who also gave birth to Maria-Helena, his baby sister. She is very tired, but also quite kind.
Baby Maria-Helena
She is a newborn baby girl. Actually, she’s barely born because she’s so very new. Marco thinks that her face looks like a wrinkled cabbage.
Lili rouge
She is very tall, all red, and lives in Marco Bleu’s closet. She loves reading books but hates when someone disturbs her.


Story and Adaptation
Larry Tremblay

Blue Marco is based on Larry Tremblay’s graphic novel Même pas vrai, illustrated by Guillaume Perreault (Éditions La Bagnole 2016)
Stage Direction
Martine Beaulne
André Laliberté
Puppet and Set Design
Richard Lacroix
Ludovic Bonnier
Gilles Perron
Maureen Labonté
Alex Trahan
Eloi Cousineau
Jérémie Desbiens
Julie Renault

Presenter’s Corner