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Olivier Kemeid
8-12 years old
60 min.


Orlando, knight of the North, and Abderam, knight of the South, are both in love… with Yuhuan, a Far Eastern princess. Held prisoner by the camp of the North, Yuhuan manages to escape. Orlando and Abderam recklessly forsake the war between their armies and set off in search of the princess! The king of the South, panicked at the idea of losing his best general, sends Malek to bring back Abderam. Meanwhile Bradamante, knight of the North, is in love with her enemy of the South and sets off in search of him. In other words, everyone is chasing after everyone else for all sorts of reasons, and in doing so, manage to keep the two camps from tearing each other apart despite their long-standing warmongering. A thousand and one adventures ensue, with a hippogriff, an orca whale and a sorceress who HATES princesses.

We would like to thank the Cole Foundation for its generous financial support for both the writing and the production of this creation.



Making of


A rather intense knight, he is completely obsessed with his beloved. In the blink of an eye, he can become furious—on the edge of being dangerous—and then eventually calm down, appeased. There are major transformations in store for him!
A good guy through and through, Abderam is in love with Yuhuan... even if at times it isn’t very clear whether he just finds her really beautiful, or whether he’s truly a hopeless romantic. One thing is for sure, he was quite ashamed to have received a thrashing from Bradamante.
Princess of the Far East captured by the Army of the North, Yuhuan is very beautiful, and she knows it just a little too much... Supra-feminine, she can also be (a little) irritating. But frankly, she sure packs a lot of energy!
A soldier from the South, Malek is a good friend of Abderam’s, but when he meets Yuhuan, their friendship takes a back seat. And this is just as well because he doesn’t like battlefields all that much. Malek, in fact, is a Dom Juan for whom war is only secondary.
A mischievous, clumsy... and SUPRA-feminist magician! Mélisse is completely exasperated by the princess and her lovesick knights.
A mysterious figure in the Army of the North, arguably the most formidable knight in the whole world with a massive black armour, Bradamante has the power to slay them all... but many would be surprised this enigmatic knight wields so much power.
The Troubadours
The Troubadours are the troupe of puppeteers who have come to tell this story, each with their own personality. They are more akin to the puppeteers’ personality than it may seem at first...
The Hippogriff
A fantastic flying animal, part horse and part eagle, The Hippogriff also possesses the attributes of a wise man. Which goes to show that behind strange appearances can lie the greatest of minds...
Orca doesn’t care about conventional practices... and he’s a little tired of playing the role of the monster that terrorize damsels in distress.


Olivier Kemeid
Stage Direction
Simon Boudreault
Puppet and Set Design
Richard Lacroix
Sound Design
Michel F. Côté
Gilles Perron
Carolina Chmielewski
Nicolas Germain-Marchand
Simone Latour Bellavance
Jethro Rome