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Ballad of the Wild Horses

Story & Adaptation by Irina Niculescu, based on Vladimir Simon's work
4 years and up
50 min.


Inspired by Eastern European fables and legends about horses and wolves, Ballad of the Wild Horses tells the story of a small horse on the eve of his first spring as he plays and discovers the colourful characters around him. From one season to the next, the little foal comes to understand the complex nature of the world he lives in through his encounters with different animals: a starving wolf fighting for survival, a playful and mischievous little rabbit, a devious, smart-aleck snake and a hawk who always asks the right questions. But in order to find his own way in the world, he will have to break away from the herd of wild horses led by his father, the Stallion.




Making of


The Master of Ceremonies
A man with a big heart, the Master of Ceremonies tells the story that unfolds before the spectator's eyes.
The Foal
A feisty little horse who fears nothing (well, most of the time). He dreams of growing tall very quickly and of overcoming the hurdles that stand in his way.
The Rabbit
A diminutive and naive character with a big heart, he is quick to trust others... at his own risk!
The Mare and the Stallion
Sweet and mindful to the needs of her foal, the Mare can't help but worry about him.

Proud protector of his family, the Stallion watches over them with kindness.
The Wolf
Starving, the Wolf seeks by all means to find something to get his teeth into.
The Hawk
With its broad wings, the Hawk enjoys giving advice to souls in search of meaning.
The Snake
This great (and long!) smart-aleck snake is not afraid to fool any prey within his reach.


An adaptation by Irina Niculescu, based on Vladimir Simon's work
Stage Direction
Irina Niculescu
Puppet & Set Design
Mioara Buescu & John Lewandowski
John Lewandowski
Gilles Perron
Artistic Advice
André Laliberté
Maureen Labonté
Graham Soul
Jean Cummings
Myriame Larose
Pierre-Louis Renaud

Presenter’s Corner